Updated RSL for Flex Data Visualization 3.0.1

Due to a bug in the signing process at Adobe, it appears that the cacheable RSL for the datavisualization components in Flex Builder doesn’t work in 3.0.1.

Adobe has updated the RSL and made it available here.

Go ahead and replace it in your Flex Builder 3.0.1 installation and you’ll hopefully be set.

Read more about it on blogs@adobe…


Motion Conference… not me now, maybe you ?

I have been offered to attend the Motion Conference in the city of Alberqueque in New Mexico, USA… it was offered to me to attend conferences such as that, so off course it’s both intriguing and tempting… however, I believe my effort is better spend at this point on attending the conferences where I actually have some experience and effort invested… than in something I merely find fascinating and cool… :-)

Check it out if you are interested in motion graphics… http://www.motionconference.com/


This post was created with Adobe Contribute CS4

I have never been much into the creative suite… seeing that I traditionally am a business logic kind-a-guy… however… one should never be too old to try out new things… so this time I wanted to try Adobe Contribute to post onto my blog…

Up to this point Microsoft Word’s Blog template has been doing a nice job imho… however… it’s nice to try something new

pretty cool… :-)

Nevertheless… so far it appears that Microsoft Word is both faster and more consistent, but off course I should give Contribute some more chances to impress me once it launches.