Motion Conference… not me now, maybe you ?

I have been offered to attend the Motion Conference in the city of Alberqueque in New Mexico, USA… it was offered to me to attend conferences such as that, so off course it’s both intriguing and tempting… however, I believe my effort is better spend at this point on attending the conferences where I actually have some experience and effort invested… than in something I merely find fascinating and cool… :-)

Check it out if you are interested in motion graphics…

This post was created with Adobe Contribute CS4

I have never been much into the creative suite… seeing that I traditionally am a business logic kind-a-guy… however… one should never be too old to try out new things… so this time I wanted to try Adobe Contribute to post onto my blog…

Up to this point Microsoft Word’s Blog template has been doing a nice job imho… however… it’s nice to try something new

pretty cool… :-)

Nevertheless… so far it appears that Microsoft Word is both faster and more consistent, but off course I should give Contribute some more chances to impress me once it launches.

Adobe Certified Professional (ACP)

Today I became Adobe Certified Professional in Adobe Flex 2.

I have not been developing Adobe Flex 2 for about 1½ year, ever since I did the switch to Adobe Flex 3 already at the first publically available Beta.… and back during the 2.X days then it was only one actual project besides the fun stuff I would do just to play around.

So I guess the major question would be why anyone would want to become certified in Adobe Flex 2 at this point?

Well, seeing that I became accepted into the Adobe Community Expert program, I get free certifications… so my own answer to that question is: why not?

Besides the fact that it’s an interesting experience for me… seeing that it’s a new experience for me to become certified in anything but insanity :-) … it’s also beneficial for my company HelloGroup and me in communication with our company’s clients.

Clone Detective for Visual Studio

Clone Detective is a Visual Studio integration that allows you to analyze C# projects for source code that is duplicated somewhere else. Having duplicates can easily lead to inconsistencies and often is an indicator for poorly factored code.

Check it out…


It’s based on ConQAT…

ConQAT (Continuous Quality Assessment Toolkit) is a toolkit for the efficient creation of control centers for the continuous controlling of software quality. Its composition mechanism enables the integration of various quality assessment tools in a flexible manner. ConQAT is not limited to the analysis of source code but can be extended to work on other kinds of development artefacts. It provides tailorable aggregation mechanisms that support the condensation of quality data to generate concise quality reports. These aggregations and ConQAT’s visualization mechanisms are built to enable developers and project managers to track key quality aspects of software projects in an efficient and timely manner.

Check it out…


Seeing that Flex projects get bigger and bigger, teams get bigger and bigger and hence the codebase gets bigger as well, we need tools like this in the ActionScript coding toolsuite… When I get 5 minutes of sparetime, I will look into what it would take to make minor implementation of the duplicate code checker for ActionScript… it should be not too difficult (remembering the beauty of simplicity which I definitely learned the hard way during my first compiler implementation when I was back at University)