MAC vs. PC : My New Toys

Last Friday my Logitech keyboard broke down again, but this time never to return from the promised land for keyboards.
Having scavenged the various internet-stores, I decided to purchase a set of the new Apple wireless keyboard and its co-worker: The Mighty Mouse Wireless.
The design (and quality) of these guys are extraordinary good and absolutely second to none !

They are Bluetooth enabled so I figured I might have a bit of a hassle when attempting to connect the stuff to a Windows XP Pro, especially because the package and manual mentions nothing of being Windows compatible and actually even states MAC OS and an Apple PC as technical requirements.
Nevertheless, connecting the Keyboard was completely straightforward and soon the I could use the awesome Apple keyboard to focus on installing the Mouse, this would however prove to be more of a challenge.
Initially the mouse was easily recognized by Windows, but off course it would not accept to be paired without a passkey which I suppose is not necessary on a MAC since it does not mention a passkey in the installation procedure description in the manual.
However, after at short browsing on the web, I soon learned that the passkey is “0000 ” (the obvious choice next to the omnipresent “1234” – I suppose) and after having given the Windows Bluetooth device installation routine this: it required a reboot in order to operate correctly. Which i eventually did as it didn’t function immediately after installation and hence making my HomePC (the centerpiece of the apartment) even more attractive than it already was (My customized Shuttle PC from many years ago when shuttles became high fashion).
There is absolutely NO PROBLEM using these cool Apple accessories with a Windows PC and the mouse even supports left and rightclick with its seemingly single button, but it actually recognizes which side of it I have clicked on…. nice job from Apple :)

I must admit that this experience have made me more inclined to explore the possible switch to a MAC which is now made feasible by the drastic improvement made in the virtualization software making it possible to use the Windows Applications on which my work is so dependent.


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Archive : Decreased memorial skills as an early warning of negative stress

If a co-worker suddenly appears to have a decrease in memorial skills its often at sign that something is occupying their mind, however sometimes for no apparent reason they may start to display this as well and it can be an early warning that a negative stress situation is emerging.

Standing alone this is far from a clear indication that negative stress is building up, but it can be an early warning… and together with other signs it can be a pretty clear indication.


Archive : The early signs of negative stress

In case you didn’t know, negative stress can be handled effectively if caught early.
Many organizations have a stress policy which includes information about stress and how to recognize it if happens to one of your co-workers or yourself.
However, if you happen to work in a place with no such thing, but still run the risk of negative stress you might want to know what the early signs of negative stress look and feels like.

The organization I work for don’t have a declared stress policy, nevertheless are the lower strategic- and tactical-management pretty good at adjusting the work load in recognition of e.g. a tough haul up towards a deadline, so we are pretty well off in comparison to many other places.

However, in lack of a declared stress policy I will try to address the issue in a number of posts and attempt to give some quick and dirty (and easily implementable) advice for how to handle an emerging stress situation for either yourself or the team you work in.

Initially its important to recognize the fact that your co-workers most often will notice the changes towards a negative stress situation before yourself, so I will start with the symptoms for how you can recognize it in others and then move into the ones only you yourself (and perhaps your close relations) can know about.

PS. Please comment on this topic and please let me know if there are certain topics your would like to see covered.


Archive : 10 tips for networkers

Are you the type of guy that sees networking as a sort of competition and do you count the number of business-cards at the end of the a busy networking-day, then this article is for you…

Read it and weep:


Archive : What the Wall Street Journal thinks about Cubicles

If you thinking about rethinking the office-layout, there is a interesting shoutout from the Wall Street Journal about major Silicon Companies trading the cubicle for more open and flexible office-layouts.

Check it out:


Archive : IT pros get more for soft skills

A report by Foote Partners shows that employers are paying higher premiums for noncertified tech skills such as enterprise applications, e-commerce, and process management than for verified skills.

Check it out:


Archive : Know the full names of your co-workers

Know the full names of your co-workers, even if you work distributed and you may never have seen the person it helps in the communication if you know their name.
Salespeople have known this for ages and they do this consistently because it works in creating increased attention and trust between the two participants in a dialog.


Archive: Challenging Telework Myths

Here is a very useful piece of arguments for why teleworking can be made a success…

Check it out:


Adobe Flex : Dynamically loading classes at runtime

Loading classes dynamically is a powerful and very useful technique.
Using the SWFLoader in the controls package makes doing this straightforward …

var libraryLoader:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader();
libraryLoader.source = “Library.swf”;

if( libraryLoader.loaderContext.applicationDomain.hasDefinition( “Foo” ) )
var FooClass:Class = libraryLoader.loaderContext.applicationDomain.getDefinition( “Foo” ) as Class;
var fooInstance:* = new FooClass();

An interesting aspect with this technique is the theoretical ability to have several classes with an equal fully qualified name in the same application instance as long as they are loaded from different applicationdomains. I cant foresee what eventually will happen in the case of a casting collision, but I intend to find out as soon as I have 15 minutes to spend.

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