Subversion integration for Microsoft Visual Studio

VisualSVN provides simple way to manage changes to source code inside Visual Studio using Subversion.
I have installed it now and is using it for the next 30 days which is the duration of the trial version.
Sofar have all the functionality been flawless, but I suppose its not a surprise as its actually just a integration point to the Tortoise I already had installed. This also means that we still get to use some of the beautyfull windows from the Tortoise client.

I have been frustrated so many times that I could not manage my SVN files so this is a really nice tool to have…
However, I still have not found the DELETE button within VS, so I am wondering if I cant delete files from within VS, and then I must say that I am hesitant in embracing it to much… however, sofar it beats the good old Tortoise by many measures, so I will continue to use it throughout the trial period…

Check it out…


3 thoughts on “Subversion integration for Microsoft Visual Studio

  1. Nu er jeg så heldig at skulle arbejde i mange forskellige IDE’er i forbindelse med de projekter jeg arbejder på for tiden og blandt disser er Eclipse en af dem jeg bruger en del steder.Da jeg lige havde fundet VisualSVN ti l VS satte jeg mig for at se hvad der var af seje ting til Eclipse.Det viser sig der er et lige så fedt Tool til eclipse som tilmed er gratis.Det hedder Subclipse og spiller helt vildt godt. Jeg er ikke helt sikker på om man er nødt til at have sin Tortoise installeret for at den virker… men det er vel også ligegyldigt for hvem har ikke det 🙂

  2. I have found that the Subclipse add-inn to Eclipse actually performs a DELETE + ADD when asked to do a MOVE command… This is so cool 🙂

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