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Adobe Flex 3.0: ILOG Elixir

Adobe announced that it plans to resell ILOG Elixir, a new advanced data visualization component set for Flex 3 including org charts, gantt display, geo maps for dashboards, treemap charts for analyzing large data sets, 3D charts, and 2D chart extensions with radar charts.

ILOG elixir is a new component library for the Adobe 3.0 platform. Its currently in Beta, however its release is planned to coincide with the final release of Flex 3.0 currently scheduled for early 2008.

Built specifically for the Adobe Flex 3.0 platform. ILOG Elixir provides advanced capabilities for:
– 2D chart extensions with radar charts (also named spider charts)
– Full 3D charts including bar/column, area, line and pie
– Treemap charts, for analyzing large data sets
– Planning and scheduling displays, such as Gantt charts
– Organizational charts
– Maps for creating interactive dashboards

ILOG Elixir:

3 thoughts on “Adobe Flex 3.0: ILOG Elixir

  1. I am the beginner of flex i want to use ILog Elixir component for displaying organization chart. pls send the instruction how to use ilog in flex3.0


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