PV3D : PaperVision 3D – my initial thoughts

If you have not yet checked it out, its about time that you do it. Some people have called it the biggest revolution since the Flash Player, and to be honest I am inclined to agree.

There are generally two major ways of using 3D in modern websites. You can use it as true 3D to create advanced navigation or presentation of objects and concepts… and you can use it create engaging UI based on existing UI principles.

The first option have been around for a while thanks to a plethora of 3rd party plugins, the second one is the UI revolution that is happening right now.
Websites are in increasing numbers adding 3D effects to existing UI structures in order to create engaging experiences. PaperVision is not providing anything completely new (people such as Ely Greenfield has produced the FlashBook a long time ago), but is merely the next natural step in a long sequence of non-revolutionary yet evolutionary developments.

PV3D is merely a VERY well-designed ActionScript API making it feasible for any Flash/Flex developer to create 3D enabled UI’s. The ease with which a developer can get started developing this is actually the true revolution as all the nice UI’s web-developers have been dreaming of developing since the emergence of desktop processed 3D is now made possible (and on an existing platform – namely the Flash Player 9 and its AS 3.0 runtime).

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