WinToMac : Its begun !

The day before yesterday my latest attempt to climb up of the Microsoft hole I feel into 11 years ago arrived with the mail…

It consisted of a…
– Mac Mini (Fully loaded configuration)
– a sizzling 23″ Mac display
– a set of the Wireless Mighty Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard (2008 edt.)
– an Elgato TV Link (Hybrid variant)

Initial setup was a bliss (even the Bluetooth Mouse and KB didn’t incur any difficulty – spoken as a true windows user, I guess – because I guess the MAC people wouldn’t even consider having difficulty with such a non-productive action) and after updating from the pre-installed OSX edition to the new Leopard edition via the included update CD I was installing the TV link without any hazzle whatsoever.

After apr. 20 minutes (the OS update took 15 of them) I was up and running including having my wireless network connection configured and gained access to all my shared windows drives on the network.

So far so good… I will keep you posted as I go down the path from Windows to Mac.

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