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Adobe Flex : Beta 3 changes

We have successfully taken a rather large project (around 1000 classes) and put it to be compiled with the latest SDK from Adobe.

The inception of the project was done with Flex Builder 2 based on Flex 2 and it has continually been updated to be compiled with the latest SDK’s following the releases from Adobe. Sofar we have had to make only minor adjustments, and this positive track record continues with the latest release.

Only one thing had to be changed to the codebase when upgrading to the Milestone 4 release of the Flex Builder, and it was relating to quite an obscure override in a createChildren method of a MultiLineButton class extending Button.

In the former the textfield variable of a Button was a UITextField and in the latest version this has been changed to be an instance of the IUITextField interface not implicitely convertable to a DisplayObject which addChild of the Sprite class accepts as parameter, hence a casting is necessary when overriding…

I cannnot remember upgrades between Beta releases ever being so easy and without problems.. and I have been coding for 11 years now…
Its been a great pleasure working with Adobe on the latest evolment of the Flex platform, never in my career have I experienced this kind of hassle-free development with Beta products and its quite rare to see Beta products with such a high quality.

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