Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex : Visual Flex Unit

One of the major trailblazers on the Flex front is the company Allurent which features none other than Joe Berkovitz himself as VP of Engineering.
For you out there not yet familiar with Joe’s (I hope he won’t mind too much that I mention him by firstname) achievements, you should check his blog out right away and stay listening as its one of the major sources for good stuff out in respect to the Flex development environment out there as well as in respect to the entire Flash platform as well.

Anyways, Allurent have chosen to share another of their works, namely the Visual Flex Unit which “is an Allurent open source project to establish a framework for the testing of components’ visual appearance. The goal is to enhance FlexUnit with additional features to support visual assertions. In a nutshell, a visual assertion asserts that a component’s appearance is identical to a stored baseline image file. Tests can be run using a GUI interface or through an Ant build process.”

It looks very promising and as a huge fan of automated test I will definitely try to give it a shot.

Check it out:

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