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Adobe Flex : Coghead 2.0 has been released today, now based on Flex

The new Coghead 2.0 was built using Adobe Flex. Like a lot of RIAs, Coghead is moving to Amazon Web Services to power the back end while adopting Flex on the front end.

Coghead is an interesting company because their application actually lets you create your own web application without programming. You drag and drop components on to the screen and then customize their behavior. As TechCrunch notes, the upgrade to 2.0 made the interface snappier and cleaner. Paul McNamara, the CEO, attributed this to the adoption of Flex.

Amazon Web Services and Flex make a really, really powerful combination and more companies are realizing that. More companies are also realizing that in some cases, when you have big, robust applications, Ajax doesn’t always cut it. Not everyone is going to be building something as complex as Coghead, but as we see more of these immersive types of Software as a Service applications, you’re going to see more Flex usage. Oh, and there’s the AIR bit. These companies want to be able to expand easily to the desktop and AIR lets them take all the stuff they’ve already done and create a new experience for users.

Coghead claims Coghead is now 3X faster than before. And, in fact, some operations are now much more than 3X faster. The primary reason for this performance breakthrough have been achieved by re-implementing the UI using Adobe’s Flex software.

Check it out:

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