PureMVC & Cairngorm : Introducing Tech Per

Tech Per had visited my blog yesterday, just to find a spurious blog entry of unknown origin on which he diligently commented and asked if “I was serious”, however using different wording.
Nevertheless, I promptly deleted the post and went to Mr. Per Tech’s website to find a way to offer an explanation as he was absolutely right, I was not serious and I still have no idea how the entry had arrived on my blog (I stand to blame an empty bottle of cognac, but I still don’t have concrete evidence – only circumstantial).

Nevertheless, and all other things being equal…
Per Tech has an interesting blog and I suggest all to pay it a visit.
One post on his blog, to which I have dedicated this entry, is about PureMVC and Cairngorm. The post is just some arbitrary thoughts from Per Tech on the topic, and its quite liberating to read some simple thoughts… and not read something which the author had probably envisioned as being the final breakdown of differences offering complete closure to all disputes and provide objective and unbiased precedence for years to come… These are just ideas, and as such needs no more introduction…

Check it out…

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