Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex 4

Flex 4, codenamed Gumbo, is now beginning development.
Some themes are being considered, such as…

* Design in Mind: provide a framework meant for continuous collaboration between designer and developer. Probably involves an additional component model that integrates with the existing Halo components.
* Accelerated Development: take application development from concept to reality quickly. Features could include application templates, architectural framework integration, binding improvements.
* Horizontal Platform Improvements: features that benefit all application and user types. Features could include compiler performance, language enhancements, BiDi components, enhanced text.
* Broadening Horizons: expand the range of applications and use-cases that can leverage Flex. Features could include finding a way to make the framework lighter, supporting more deployment runtimes, runtime MXML.

When the first Beta 1 of the Adobe Flex 4 is going to be rolled out later this year, I plan to do some some workshops on my team where we take all the new features and address them methodically one by one. It has proven to be a very effective method to acquire knowledge about a framework to use a top-down approach resembling brute-force attacking from A to Z.

If you are interested in learning more about the Adobe Flex 4 project, check it out here…

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