Adobe Flex

Flex SDK : Skinning in Flex 4 (Codename: Gumbo)

The Flash Player is the delivery mechanism for some of the most creative work to be found on the web today. Flex applications however have gained a reputation for looking too similar to each other, as many developers choose to use the Flex default look and feel (known as Halo) as opposed to applying extensive styling or skinning. Research performed by Adobe shows that only 46% of our frequent Flex users do extensive skinning while only 22% even do major style adjustments. This is not to say that customization never happens, but Adobe found that it remains too challenging to create a truly custom experience. It is therefore a priority for Gumbo (The new version of the Flex SDK) to make easy customization of Flex application experiences the norm instead of the exception.

Exciting stuff… Check it out…

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