The other Adobe Flex ACE's in Europe

Among ACE’s in Europe within Flex, there are currently a small group of others…

They are as follows…

Xavi Beumala from Barcelona… he had just been hired by Adobe Consulting when I last saw him to Flex 360 in Milan. A very sympathetic guy with great talent with the will to bring it far.

Dirk Eismann from Hannover… last i saw him it was at MAX in Barcelona where he was working for Herrlich and Ramuschkat. Extremely skilled and versatile developer which I have the outmost respect for.

Giorgio Natili from Rome… a real trailblazer and a true community leader from central Italy with a community of more than 3000 active users and 100.000 visits every month. I met him last time I was in Italy, a real fire-spirit…

Peter Elst from Belgium… one of the nicest guys in the community and on top of that an innovative and tech-savvy cool guy who contributes more to the community than averages…

…so obviously I am in very good company and I only hope that I some day can grow to match these true icons in the community and contribute as much as the have…

2 thoughts on “The other Adobe Flex ACE's in Europe

  1. Thank you Rasmus… and yeah, I guess your right.. and I even got it right the second time – seeing that its spelled savvy 🙂

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