Ecologically Friendly Hosting

Next time you are out looking for a hosting provider, perhaps it would be an idea to consider an ecologically friendly provider… and perhaps even to prioritize this aspect higher than prize… but honestly, doing so would need for alternative benefits to submerge in order to make it through management.

Many hosting providers offer the customers to flash their green profile on the website, but the effect and actual value of such a label is hard to determine…

It would be interesting if governmental institutions would demand that sub-contractors would present “green books” and e.g. only use a hosting provider for their solutions that have a green profile and would be in compliance with a green standard… and hence showing this on their website with an “eco-label”.

Especially hosting would be a good place to start, because the potential benefit is high and it’s easy to be green because there is no inconvenience…

A quick search on Google reveals a number of conscious hosting providers…

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