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Adobe Flex Data Visualization Watermark

Once in a while even the most professional individual finds themselves forced into a corner by circumstances over which they don’t have control… and on rare occasions it happens even though the individual do everything right…

…one such situation recently happened to me when I had to deploy an Adobe Flex solution using undigested Runtime Shared Libraries, Flex Modules and Data Visualization in one cool cocktail… after having been unable to rid myself and the solution for the annoying Flex watermark declaring that the chart was shown with a graph compiled with non-registered version of the Adobe Flex SDK, I consulted good ol’ Uncle Google for an answer…

If you don’t know what I am talking about… this is the watermark I am talking about… displayed in grayed out letters displaying “Flex Data Visualization Trial”…

Quickly I came to the JIRA entry for the problem stating that it was not a bug if you remembered to load the Framework RSL prior to loading the Visualization RSL…

However, this didn’t change a thing as I was already loading the framework prior to data visualization – I did however try, and yes, it wasn’t the solution…

Left with no official solution and a deadline I didn’t want to break for no one, I quickly had to become innovative and ingenious… I therefore dived down into the source code of the Adobe Flex SDK and eventually found my way to the sources for the data visualization components… once I had created an Adobe Flex Class library for the sources, compiling a SWC and referencing it from my application was easy.

To my great satisfaction, the homebrewed SWC proved to have no watermark when loaded as undigested RSL from a Flex module !

This solution not only solves the problem with the watermark, but it also allows me full control of which classes to include in the library allowing me to effectively cut the size of the visualization library in half based on the classes necessary for this particular application.

I have read the EULA from Adobe, and I don’t think I am in conflict when doing this… however, if anyone at Adobe reads this, please advice otherwise in case.

Please don’t hesitate to write me if you problems getting this solution to work for you…

PS… off course I have a licensed edition of Adobe Flex Builder, so this is not the issue here.

6 thoughts on “Adobe Flex Data Visualization Watermark

  1. Hi,

    I came across the same issue and cannot get the watermark removed if I am using Charts in a Module which is loaded at runtime into the main application although having a licensed version of FB3.

    Where do I get ‘sources for the data visualization components’ to build my own datavisualization SWC?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hey there…
    Well I had been working with all this for a little while. But right now I’m facing this detail, and I’m not sure why this is happening…
    My main question is, this wathermark it’s created because I’m compiling with the Flex Builder Trial Version?
    Because right now, I’m compiling with ANT and the flex task that’s inside the flexSDK folder, and not only this is happening, also, on the calendars, the months won’t show, it says “null” instead of the month.

    Do you have an idea of why this is happening??

    I appreciate all your help and your blog also!
    Thanks in advance!

    Best reagards

  3. Hi,

    I was a little surprised to see this problem in my code. As I understand it, the license is for the Builder, not the SDK. So why does the editor bring about the watermark? If I compile my flex app using the command line, i should be using just the SDK, and should not see the watermark, right? To me this is like saying that cos MyEclipse is not free, you will see a watermark on the Java Swing app!!! I understand Java and Eclipse come from different communities, but seriously, is Adobe saying that if you build anything using an unlicensed version of the Adobe Builder, the resultant UI has a trial watermark on it?

  4. The solution is easy, just download the standalone sdk from adobe site and replace it with the one that comes w/ the builder..cheers –Ricardo

    1. Hi Ricardo,

      Thanks for the great input, and yes… your absolutely right.
      And as I point out, the other benefit is also that you reduce the footprint of the final binary.

      Cheers, and thanks for your contribution,

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