What happened with Mark Shepherd ?

Sometimes it happens that wiz’es show their face… only to disappear shortly thereafter, one such phenomenon is Mark Shepherd… he arrived to the blogosphere in the end of 2006 as a Computer Scientist at Adobe… and then he seems to have disappeared.

Is it perhaps the blogosphere’s pendant to music-industry’s “one-hit-wonders” or is there a more clever explanation to the apparent disappearance of Mark Shepherd ?

His works features among many other things, a Graph implementation as well as interesting visualizations of unrelated data.

I don’t know Mark Shepherd, but I think it’s interesting to witness and document his complete disappearance… I suppose the statelessness of the web and the inherent lack of persistent history makes it easy for people to appear, disappear and reappear…

2 thoughts on “What happened with Mark Shepherd ?

  1. That’s funny. I’ve been scouring the web for him as well. It seems he wrote all the databinding classes for flash. I found an error in the 2005 build of the dataset (it encodes dates wrong if you define an encoder) but couldn’t find him to discuss.
    The 2003 build of the same component works for me, so I gave up trying to find him.


    1. I’ve found him… he’s still active in a lot of the projects in the Adobe JIRA, which is where I spotted him through the Adobe Flash Catalyst JIRA Project… and he is apparently certainly still going strong… 🙂

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