FITC Amsterdam 2009

Now the event site is live…

After a successful and completely sold out event in 2008, FITC has decided to repeat the event in February 2009.

I was there in 2008, and I am DEFINITELY going there again… it was great fun, very inspiring and Amsterdam is such a great place to do an event such as the FITC.

Confirmed speakers at the time of writing are such outstanding professionals such as Florian Schmitt (Hi-res), Mario Klingemann, GMUNK, Aral Balkan, André Michelle, Carlo Blatz, Joshua Davis, Jared Ficklin (Frog Design), Ralph Hauwert, Zachary Leiberman, Grant Skinner, Andreas Müller, Lee Brimelow, and many more to be announced.

Check it out…

One thought on “FITC Amsterdam 2009

  1. Entering the shortest month of the year with Transmediale in Berlin and leaving it back again (to the past) with FITC in Amsterdam. Sounds like a really good north european winter climax. I would love to go. Thanks´s for sharing!

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