Adobe MAX NA 2008

Adobe MAX NA 2008 is over… it’s been great to be here in Adobe’s HQ city and meeting all the people responsible for the tools that we use every day.

It’s amazing how clever Adobe is in combining both driving the development by research and innovation as well as responding to the changes to the industry that more than ever puts strains on technology companies.

Now, to recap 2 of the really big things that have been presented to the public on this year’s MAX.

Flash Catalyst
This is the kind of application that fills such a critical role in our industry, so it’s really easy to get it wrong… so to be honest, I was very concerned about how Adobe were going to go about it… but to my positive surprise, Adobe has really been good at interpreting the needs of interactive agencies and created a tool that was even better than what I thought would be a good result. The seamless integration between CS4 and Flash Catalyst through a common object model and Flex Builder through FXG is actually better than I had hoped for.

Almost every application being built now and in the future will include elements of collaboration. Furthermore will future applications be using the internet as a part of its native architecture and base itself on functionality it gets from services in the cloud. These factors all point to a framework such as Cocomo, I can’t wait to be able to use it in applications now that it’s made it through to the public beta state during Adobe MAX in San Francisco.

(This picture is taken with my iPhone at the Keynote speech Monday)

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