NASDAQ Market Replay won Adobe MAX Award

NASDAQ Market Replay won the Best Enterprise Application in the Adobe MAX Awards 2008 at the Adobe MAX conference in San Francisco.

The Powerful NASDAQ Market Replay application enables investment professionals to replay the market by slowing it down to the millisecond level for moment-in-time insight into trade histories.

The creative department at Hello helped Adobe design the NASDAQ Market Replay application, which helps investors by providing a validated replay and analysis of securities listed on all major U.S. equity markets. It is an essential part of a trader’s job to keep pace with the fast changing financial markets. As market data is played out over time on the trading floor, we wanted to represent this visually. We took our inspiration from sound editors when we designed the user experience. Similar to a sound sampler, you can replay a snippet of the entire data. One of the challenges was that a whole day of trading, for example in Apple stocks, can result in a 45 MB text file (trades are recorded down to the millisecond). Due to the massive amount of data that investors have to deal with daily, we used the Adobe Air framework. This platform lets you work with data offline, and only updates when a user requests it from the server. What came out the other end was a seamless user experience, allowing for data to become tangible in a smooth zooming algorithm that constantly redraws the screen as the user moves in and ponders the finer details of a market-play.

User needs drove the feature set here, making sure that we ended up with a focused, easy-to-use application and an elegant interface. Hello produced the IA, interaction design, algorithm – as well as the visual user experience for the NASDAQ Market Replay.

Alongside Adobe and NASDAQ, Hello took the challenge of making intangible mountains of data into an innovative and useful solution that resulted in giving a very high brand value for NASDAQ.

Learn more – and try the application here…

Adobe interviews Claude Courbois of NASDAQ OMX


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