Are there any Sushi Restaurants in Ahmadabad ?

This may seem like a ridiculous question if you think just a little about it and know a little about Ahmadabad…

Indians never eat anything raw and most people in Gujarat are strict vegetarians or vegans. On top of that it seems that Indians are perfectly satisfied with their own cuisine spiced up with the occasional Italian Pasta (served with Masala off course) or Pizza with Masala and Masala the, so for someone to open a Sushi restaurant (or even just a Thai or Chinese restaurant) here would probably be suicide seeing that the only tourism here are Indians from other parts of India coming here for the many historic sites and beautiful temples and then business people visiting some of the many companies located here (I belonging to the last group).

Having a Sushi craving this evening, however I made a naïve attempt to locate what might be a Hotel Kitchen that catered to Japanese and therefore had Sushi on the menu…

This discussion entry totally sums up my findings pretty clearly…

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