OneNote Very QuickFix to one tiny problem

If you are a Microsoft Office OneNote user such as me, or perhaps once was and then left it because the integration with SharePoint looked better in the specs than in real life… there might just happen to be a quick fix to at least one tiny problem.

I was experiencing a lot of “needs a password to sync some of your notebooks” errors and they were a pain getting out of… I needed to reset the Internet Explorer history and settings and sometimes even resort to saying curses and comforting my laptop with soothing strokes across the monitor frame… however, those days are hopefully over now that I thought of a cool workaround to this extremely irritating problem.. because let’s face it, OneNote is one heck of a cool tool if you combine it with a SharePoint Server… I am doing all I can via this setup and it is really helping me capture the free-flowing as well as directed information which constantly surrounds me and hits me.

If your OneNote starts doing this on you while attempting to synchronize with SharePoint, all you have to do is to open the section directly from SharePoint via Internet Explorer and it will update its credentials cache for the file… good stuff to know.

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