Adobe® Flex™ Gumbo Prerelease Program

Great stuff… today I finally received my invitation to join the Adobe® Flex™ Gumbo Prerelease Program … I was waiting for that one…

…and what’s even cooler is that with it came the invitation to join the Flash Catalyst (Thermo) Prerelease Program.

So now the setup is perfect for me to get the show on the road and prepare for the new World Order according to Fc (Flash Catalyst).

It’s my strong determination to make the best of Flash Catalyst entree on the scene, so I will hopefully be posting a lot about my experiences with these two programs…

I will off course only be able to post about Adobe Flash Catalyst in relation to the public builds, such as the Adobe MAX build… seeing that the PreRelease Programs always are associated with the these days omnipresent NDA policy.

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