An introduction to PureMVC… by Sam Rivello

Introductory level articles are some of the most easily written articles, however they are also the ones most easily gotten wrong.

Flex Champion Sam Rivello has written an introductory article to the PureMVC framework which does a very good job in enabling newly started Flex developers in considering using PureMVC framework for their needs.

Adobe Edge is the bi-monthly newsletter from Adobe targeting Developers and Designers to inform, enlighten and inspire them about what can be done with the always current technologies from Adobe. It’s a great source for exactly that and it’s really great to see Sam receiving the honor of having his always good stuff published in this magazine…

Check it out…

…and don’t forget to check out Sam’s article if you are curious about PureMVC or you would like to see how a really good introductory level article should be written.. http://www.adobe.com/newsletters/edge/december2008/articles/article6/


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