The short secret to successful IT-outsourcing

Many books have been written about the subject and many people are making a fat living off telling people how to do IT-outsourcing and especially off-shoring seein that its in the off-shoring segment of outsourcing where the potential pecuniary promises are highest.

However, when you broil it all down to its pure essence (which off course needs to be elaborated on and further defined)… it all comes down to be patient and KISS !

With that I mean off course be patient and Keep It Simple Stupid based on the KISS principle.

I will soon resume my early attempt to capture some of my experiences with outsourcing in a series of writings… somewhat like my first post about the topic which now seems horribly old, but now more focused towards recommending the adoption of some practices and defining some core fundamental principles which can be implemented in a way which suits any situation and environment.

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