Introducing Pointster… capitalize on Web 2.0

The big question these days is how to capitalize on Web 2.0, the social web. Among the traditional models are user payment for extended features and ad revenues, however in the complex web ecosystem it just doesn’t cut it.

Introducing Pointster Systems…
the website is still only in Danish, however perhaps an English version might follow soon…

Pointster Systems is an enterprise product enabling web-entrepreneurs to create Point based solutions. A point site is a web site where users are awarded virtual points for their participation in ad-campaigns, e.g. by submitting questionnaires or signing up for newsletters. The users can exchange their earned points for actual products in the form of physical products or services when they have earned a certain amount. The point site itself earns its profits by awarding a slightly lower amount to its users than the organization paying for the products the users deliver…

Pointster Systems has created some great introductory material describing the concept and how someone interested can get started.

If you are interested in learning more, you can go through Pointster Systems’s 16 step guide describing the concept…

Check out Pointster Sytems’s website…

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