FFK09 (formerly known as ”Flashforum Konferenz”)

The ultimately largest conference for Flash platformists in Germany is the well-established FFK… and the one this year is intuitively enough called FFK09.

It takes place in the beautiful city of Cologne on the 27th – 30th of April and will be about Community, Code and Creativity. However, for all of you who were not so “lucky” that you have been dragged through endless hours of German lessons as a kid, you will find yourself out of luck… see, all sessions are STRICTLY in German and therefore leaves little to both contribute as well as gain from attending. Most sessions are in German, but some sessions will be in English, such as the one by none other than Oslo’s very own Jens Brynildsen…

Nevertheless, as is for most Danes, I do speak German (due to endless hours of cramming and swotting of the seemingly never-ending German grammaticism) and I intend to participate there per request by Jens Brynildsen from Flashmagazine in Oslo.

Check it out…

3 thoughts on “FFK09 (formerly known as ”Flashforum Konferenz”)

    1. Hi Marc,

      Thank you, your quite welcome… I am looking forward to it… it will be my first FFK…

      // Peter

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