Wireframes… what to make of it…

We use wireframes at Hello… a lot!

We have found them to be universal in requirements gathering as well as in communication between the UX department and the Creative Department as well as the Development Departments.

They have quickly become the number one artifact used in requirements gathering and communication of system functionality between contractor and client as well as conveyers of information between our different departments.

Wireframes have proven themselves to be extremely useful for the type of applications we find ourselves building more and more… highly user-centric systems with strong emphasis on user experience and intelligent information architecture.

We have adopted something similar to the lookfirst™ approach by Cynergy Systems (unknowingly for most part, but just because it makes a whole lot of sense in a business environment focusing on experiences (more than applications) and with high demands of extreme agility to meet ever-changing customer requirements and expectations).

Sometimes we however also reflect on our work and find things we do to be amusing and entertaining… among some of our most frequent ways of joking is make absurd flow charts and ridiculously un-user-friendly and/or stupid wireframes.

Hence, in the midst of the wireframe-frenzy however, when we still somehow manage to reflect upon our practices and joke about it when we sometimes go overboard… check this one out which one of our well-esteemed UX’ers at Hello, James Kelway, shared with me the other day… is quite representative of the kind of humor we sometimes employ in the midst of our projects… capturing the critical reflection on our work we as professionals always execute since we all have in common that we ourselves are our worst critics…

Thanks James… its funny, coz’ it’s true!

And you can even buy the T-shirt from Zazzle and Doodles… check it out…

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