Home Automation

Indigo… automate your home with it…

Indigo is an intelligent home control server that integrates an assortment of home control hardware modules to provide close to total control of your home. Indigo’s built-in Web server and client/server architecture give you control and access to your home remotely from other PC device coupled to the internet. Potentially you could save money, conserve water, and reduce electrical usage by automating your home with Indigo’s scheduling and control logic…

However, what makes Indigo stand out is that its born with MAC, so you will get most of the “hazzle-taken-care-of” for free.

Were my private network not consisting of a plethora of machines, probably qualifying me as Tech. – Agnostic, not based on a mixture of Windoes, MAC and *Nix boxes… and was it only made up from MAC machines, I would pick Indigo…

However… seeing I am part of these (some of them crazy) home automation system’s group, I will have to refrain to advocate too much…

Anyways, check it out…

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