On the Skywalk… at Grand Canyon West

Deeply nested in Hualapai Nation territory in the western section of the Grand Canyon, the Skywalk has been build as a means for people to walk over the Grand Canyon on a floor made of glass…

This weekend I was so very fortunate to have this great experience… and I have the pictures to prove it.

From the left it’s yours truly, Anders Hjarnaa (Technical Director, Hello) and Claus Nielsen (Silverlight Developer, Hello)

The kind, clever and determined people of the Hualapai Nation are proud and strong people with a glorious history… don’t hesitate to check it out…

They describe their seal as follows…

The Great Spirit created Man and Woman in his own image. In doing so, both were created as equals. Both depending on each other in order to survive. Great respect was shown for each other; in doing so, happiness and contentment was achieved then, as it should be now. The connecting of the hair makes them one person; for happiness or contentment cannot be achieved without each other. The canyons are represented by the purples in the middle ground, where the people were created. These canyons are sacred and should be so treated at all times. The reservation is pictured to represent the land that is ours; treat it well. The reservation is our heritage and the heritage of our children yet unborn. Be good to our land and it will continue to be good to us. The sun is the symbol of life; without it nothing is possible—plants don’t grow —there will be no life—nothing. The sun also represents the dawn of the Hualapai people. Through hard work, determination, and education everything is possible and we are assured bigger and brighter days ahead. The tracks in the middle represent the coyote and other animals which were here before us. The green symbolizes pine trees, representing our name Hualapai— PEOPLE OF THE TALL PINES !

The official website of the Haulapai nation…

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