No Adobe MAX 2009 Europe…

Last year in Milan, we were many that enjoyed the local attention we could give the Adobe oriented communities and professionals… however, due to the natural downturn as well as quite a number of suggestions to eliminate the Adobe MAX Europe (at least as one unified monolothic event, you all remember the last question on the questionaire last year… “would you prefer one large or several smaller more localized European MAX’es for 2009).
However, I guess the general downturn in conference attendance has made the choice to completely eliminate the European MAX that much easier…
And to be honest… for a guy who in 2008 attended both the North American and the European, I must admit there will be very few things to miss in comparison to missing out on the NA edition which was so much better that I had already decided only to attend the NA edition, if I had to choose…

Anyways, you can read more about it in a blogpost by Mr. MAX himself…


See you in Los Angeles…

One thought on “No Adobe MAX 2009 Europe…

  1. But wasn’t this obvious? Adobe blew every PR opportunity by releasing “everything” at the NA event. There was nothing new that made me want to go to the other events and in general, Max is much less exciting than FOTB, FITC and the more local events such as FlashForum Konference (FFK).

    Speaking of FFK – it’s now almost sold out (one month ahead of the event!), so I don’t think it’s a general downturn in in conference attendance? Maybe people just won’t pay $2000 for a conference? The other events are much cheaper and still Adobe claims they are loosing money from them. Maybe they should hire Marc (FFK) or John (FOTB) to do the event for them?


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