Kap Inspect… really cool tool by Kap Lab

When instrumenting applications, it’s always important to have the instrumentation tools to leave as small a footprint as possible. With some tools it can be done entirely unobtrusively, but these options also are not the most powerful. Kap Inspect is not entirely unobtrusive seeing that it’s not hooked onto the app at runtime, but added as a couple of lines of code on Top level of the app; however the power and still relative small footprint it offers makes it the preferred choice here at Hello™ for our Flex Applications.

The French Company Kap Lab has decided to share this tool which was initially developed for internal usage, and we could only appreciate their efforts if they had decided to open source it… but let’s face it, when you have something cool which might turn into a commoditisizable product, you always have to consider if it’s serves your own interest best to open source it.

Anyways, check it out…

3 thoughts on “Kap Inspect… really cool tool by Kap Lab

  1. Hi Peter
    I just discovered your post, very lately.
    I’m happy to tell you that now KapInspect has been open sourced, as well as the other consoles and related tools.
    The source code is available – at the moment – as a quite big zipfile on KapLab.
    It should also be hosted soon in another place.
    Thanks for writing this post

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