Adobe Nordic Interactive Tour… Number of attendees…

The most recent numbers for the upcoming events in Helsinki and Copenhagen are looking pretty good. However, its always difficult to estimate the actual number of expected turn-ups based on the number of sign-ups, but nevertheless it actually looks good in terms of numbers…

  • Helsinki am – 187
  • Helsinki pm – 114
  • Copenhagen am – 351
  • Copenhagen pm – 236

Thinking about the fact that the numbers for Oslo and Stockholm were as follows, and the fall-out’s were apr. 10-20%…

  • Oslo am – 172
  • Oslo pm – 136
  • Stockholm am – 302
  • Stockholm pm – 244

I’m looking forward to seeing the actual number of attendees in Copenhagen…

I’f you have not signed up yet, then you can still sign up… and don’t forget… it doesn’t cost anything else than your time and effort to signup and attend…

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