Adobe Nordic Interactive Tour… Copenhagen

Now that the Adobe Nordic Interactive Tour is finished, its nice to look back on some great presentations… last was Copenhagen which wasn’t exactly perfect…
The audience was great, however the Internet was not that great effectively terminating my presentation and cutting it a bit short by preventing me from displaying camera action and home automation… even via the iPhone…

The image is a bit dark, but I hope you can make out the contures of a presentor desperately trying to make the presentation strick together despite the lacking internet.

Thanks to Stefan Bech for taking the picture with his iPhone

2 thoughts on “Adobe Nordic Interactive Tour… Copenhagen

  1. I was one of the attendees in Copenhagen and I would like to thank you for your presentation. Yes, I know that you couldn’t show us all that you wanted but I think we got it anyway.

    1. Hi Jens,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m happy that you managed to get something out of it despite the technical problems.


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