Positive Disturbance… by 1902 Software

From now and then you encounter something which stands a little out from the rest… Positive Disturbance is a double-edged sword because its very easy to cross the line from positive to negative.
Sometimes at Hello, we hit it right on getting positive disturbance to work perfectly, other times we either don’t push the envelope enough and leave room for more disturbance and sometimes we (most often driven by our clients) we cross the line and produce controversial online ads which to some cross the line into negative disturbances… however, back to my point.

1902 Software has managed to make a very positive disturbance in their presentation of an endorsement from one of their clients…


And 1902 has taken it one step further as they have actually created a small unobtrusive control panel to the disturbance which allows the viewer to stop and restart the ad… great stuff…


Check it out…

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