IDD 2009 Conference

SIGCHI.DK is an organization in Denmark dedicated to Interaction Design targeted at industry professionals and students alike.


Along with many many interesting presenters, our own James Kelway (UxD & IA) at Hello will be doing his “Usability is Dead” session.

James Kelway will in his session explain to us why UX is not just about building huge coherent web architectures. How we have become digital nomads – building tents, rather than building houses, in environments that suit our needs. People no longer inhabit worlds built by designers, but in worlds built by themselves.
Increasingly it is about building applications and understanding how applications interact with each other and their embedded environment. It is about forging relevant links with technologies that are appropriate. Relevance has surpassed usability as the most important factor of web strategy and web design.
Context defines how usable your experience needs to be, and we are steadily moving from interface design to concept design… IA and UX has for many years looked at the web in a traditional one way communications paradigm, where it is all about conveying a message to the end user.
But the Internet is not the new newspaper, the new radio or the new television. The web is actually not a medium at all, if anything it is a paradigm of interaction. It is something completely different which as a discipline we need to demonstrate with an open approach to our design work, that is documented, shared and refined.
Those involved in the field must realize that usability is becoming more bound by context and relevance to individual needs, it cannot be merely prescriptive.

Anyways, check this and all the other sessions out here…

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