Mapping Design and Develop Disciplines… My Competencies

In continuation of reading Doug Winnie’s pretty clever article about how to map design and development disciplines and into a simple competence matrix, I decided to do my own…

The basic idea is for the individual to be honest in order to identify areas of where to improve as well as identify areas which may be more likely of creating positive outcomes when focused upon.
The extension of this is to use it for team constellation planning and for matchmaking in competence development programs, this will allow project managers to validate team competencies against project characteristics in order to ensure that all bases are covered for any given project. The approach is simple and in comparison to more elaborate approaches, maybe to crude for some who are already doing competencies matrices, but for those of us who are not yet having a program of such kind in place, this is an easy beginning.

Getting started with mapping competencies are really simple.
You start with downloading the template in an editable PNG file format.


And then you can modify it to match your own competencies and then e.g. compare with the profile you wish to match.
When I did that for myself, it came to look like this.


Comparing with where I wish to be, I can see that I perhaps need to play around with Photoshop for a weekend or two…

Anyways… check out the original article by Doug Winnie for download of resources and to read more about the approach…

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