Introducing Adobe WorkflowLab

Having returned from this year’s monstrous MAX in Los Angeles (monstrous due to the vast amount of sessions and networking).
One of the major impressions is the focus all of Adobe seem to have had throughout the past year on working smarter – not harder. This has reflected itself into every product and every aspect of the “Adobe Lifestyle” effectively offering opportunities and challenges to all of us making a living and life off the Adobe ecosystem.

One very obvious results of this thinking and focus at Adobe is the ALPHA release of the Adobe WorkflowLab, created by Mr. Doug Winnie and his team of skilled designers and developers.

Adobe WorkflowLab Icon

The Workflow below is the workflow actually used to create WorkflowLab, its one of the many templates installed with the application itself… in all modesty a cool way of sharing this information with the community as well as a way of illustrating the willingness and ability to drink ones own cool-aid.

Adobe Workflow Behind WorkflowLab Screendumb

The screen below is the startup screen meeting the user after starting WorkflowLab, as you can see on the right side, it comes with a number of ready-made workflows which will allow people to get off on the right foot when starting a project type that they have not done before.

WorkflowLab Startup Screen

Adobe WorkflowLab is already available in a very early ALPHA release on Adobe Labs… Check it out…

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