Introducing SourceMate for Flash Builder 4

SourceMate is an extension Flash Builder which attempts to cover some of gaps left in the implementation “out of the box”.

Some of SourceMate’s Features:

  • Refactoring
    • Convert Local Variable to Field
    • Extract Constant
    • Extract Method
    • Extract Interface
    • Change Method Signature
    • Disable All trace() Statements
  • Code Generation
    • Override/Implement Methods
    • Generate Getters/Setters
    • Generate Constructor using Fields
    • Generate toString()
    • Generate ASDoc Comments
  • Metadata Integration
    • Content Assist for Metadata Tags (can include custom/framework tags)
    • Metadata Tag Validation
  • General Productivity
    • Task markers for TODO,FIXME, and XXX comments
    • MXML and Actionscript Code Snippets View
    • Generate Ant Build.xml from Flex project settings
    • ASDoc Generation Wizard

One of my old feature requests which have not made it to the implementation list (yet), but one I find very valuable is the content assist on Metadata and validation of them… this is a huge step forward in making usage of Metadata easily accessible for novice and intermediate Flex developers… but actually, the entire list above is interesting and will add tremendous amount of power to your current Flash Builder implementation and make it an even more awesome tool for Flash Platform development than it already is.

Check it out…

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