Project "Rome" to be discontinued

Project ROME by Adobe was intended to explore the opportunity and usability of creative tools as software-as-a-service in the education market and beyond.

A short public preview of the software has delivered valuable input from Adobe’s customers regarding what they would expect from an Adobe offering in this space. As they evaluated customer input, and weighed this product initiative against other projects currently in development, they made the difficult decision to stop development on Project ROME in order to focus resources on delivering tablet applications, which they believe will have significant impact on creative workflows.

The trial of Project ROME for Education has concluded. However, the commercial version of Project ROME will remain free to the public via Adobe Labs along with other new and emerging innovations, technologies, and products from Adobe. No additional Project ROME software updates are planned at this time.

While Project ROME will not be pursued, the insights and suggestions will help future product development.
Exactly which of the revolutionary and truly innovative suggestions for the future of creative UI’s from “Rome” will make it into future versions or software still needs to be seen, but that a lot of the experiments encapsulated in Rome will make it into future UI patterns and best practices is beyond any doubt.

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