Arbitrary Thoughts

Brave new wwworld… day -1

Today is the last day of the old Flex and Flash era… its been a tremendously dramatic week due to the many far reaching announcements from Adobe.

It’s expected every year at the turn of the fiscal year, that announcements of lay offs are due and that organizational restructuring is due… however, this year was remarkable rough as Adobe really has been taking the organizational restructuring at heart and done it across the organization not leaving a single division untouched…

Tomorrow starts the new post-flash era where its back to the drawing board for many of us in terms of re-establishing the mature development track we were in with Flex, now based on web standards stack technologies…

We need the following in order to accomplish that to for the first couple of apps…

  1. IDE
  2. Micro Architecture Framework
  3. UI component set
  4. Data Service Tier
  5. Video and Audio Libraries
  6. Touch Libraries

…just to mention a few…

Its not going to be easy, however there is certainly something reinvigorating about this devastating situation… it may be a bit gloomy right now, but a lot of opportunities rest in the shadows…

We got on the Flex ship and enjoyed the ride, we learned a heck of a lot on the trip, now its time to re-saddle and make the best of the new brave flash- and flex-free wwworld…

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