Adobe Flex

Could Flex be compiled to JavaScript ?

One of the initial thoughts popping to mind about Flex following the latest transpiration of events is to simply output the ActionScript and Flex to JavaScript, HTML and CSS…

Great idea, everybody wins, its not impossible aand Adobe could have chosen to pursue this vision, but the obvious lack of adding to the revenuestream by such and initiative would have made little sense…
So, upon open-sourcing it Adobe could very well give birth to such a project since they have promised to keep contributing to Flex even after they have given it away… however in lack of such indications, the community is stepping up and starting such initiatives far and wide across the Fle community.

This is certainly something which could ease the future transition from Flash Platform to the Open Web Technology Stack and therefore something that would be very welcomed…

Cros-compiling this way is seen before and would certainly be possible and yours truly is determined to get involved at the slightest opportunity you could contribute constructively or morally… both are needed on the projects to aspire from the community over the coming months…

Stay tuned for concrete info…

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