Flex… a few more pointers

Adobe Flex was, is and will be the coolest cat on the block for the next long foreseeable future… the basic truth is that there is no alternative more attractive than Flex to address the requirements of the businesses of today and tomorrow.

Flex emerged in 2005-2006 from the hidden corridors of Macromedia far from the mature platform it is today… but the principles innovative to the degree that they still are unbeatable when doing a 360 ! Increasing development effort up to 500% project velocity compared to competing technologies and then even targeting a übercool cross-platform runtime called Flash Player… crazy awesome !

Now, bear in mind that it wasn’t until Flex 2 that we had ActionScript 3, during the dark ages of 1 and 1.5 we were still coding ActionScript 2 to target Flex… and MXML were far from the king if UI frameworks it is today in terms of completeness as well as general readiness… we have obviously come a far way since then !

It’s now a globally adopted platform for everything from Enterprise Desktop App’s running AIR, Interactive TouchScreen Systems running on Televisions, 100 of millions of iOS and Android smartphones, millions of Tablets, every browser on the planet (besides Lynx and a few other tremendously obscure pieces of software) and even runs management consoles for cars… Its a fact that an unfathomable amount of money has been invested in Flex applications across the globe to date, and its another fact that most of the world’s Fortune 500 companies are running billion lines of AVM byte code compiled from Flex every day…

If Flex really were to go away overnight, every industry and every business sector in the world would come to a screaming halt, and thats a fact, wether you like it or not. Naturally the powers that be can not let that happen, and that’s the situation in a nutshell, the literally tons of dollars invested across the globe in Flex code is equivalent to an insurance that Flex will stil be here years from now… and even if Flash Player should become obsolete at some point thanks to the growing maturity of HTML, then certainly by then there will be a plethora of compilers that can take MXML and ECMAscript and output both native apps for devices as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript for every other target… projects are already being formed as this post is both being written and now read to achieve this…

More pointers will come as to why there is no reason to think that Flex is gone with the wind, let Adobe catch their breath and give them a chance to share their plans, and they certainly will in the very near future…

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