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OpenSource AVM… Tamarind

Project Tamarind, once so promising and bespoken project… was co-owned by Adobe Systems and Mozilla Foundation, and has been discontinued for more than 3 years now…

However, the sad state of this cool OpenSource project is that it hasn’t been touched since March 2008…

The members from Adobe are mostly names I have never heard of so I sincerely wonder what have become of them (perhaps they are still engineering in the dungeons of San Jose), anyways check the names out for yourself…

If anyone knows the obituary belonging to Project Tamarind, please do share… it seems to have been a massive Adobe effort that apparently ended up in a fruitless archive of The Mozilla Foundation.

Anyways, you can check out the archived project home page here…

5 thoughts on “OpenSource AVM… Tamarind

    1. Thanks for the heads up… I was actually already preparing a note about SpiderMonkey and will certainly have an added look at that…

    1. Great… thanks for the heads up… too bad it doesn’t change the fact that the project is long dead…

  1. Tamarin is still alive and well in the Tamarin-Redux branch (I think that’s where it currently resides). This is an actual open source engine that Flash is built on. A part of it – nano-jit – is actually used in Mozilla’s core. Tamarin didn’t get the update they were hoping for by the OSS community, but it is still actively worked on, at least by Adobe. 🙂

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