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Announcing “Project FlaXe”, a vision for the future of Flex

David Arno is in the same position as the lot of us working with Flex, its obvious that things will change in the years to come and one of the likely changes will be the much anticipated move to the Open Web Standards Technology Stack. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Flex will remain a superior application technology for years to come…

He has announced his idea and vision, Project FlaXe, and it goes something like this…

This set me thinking: could the community create a way of migrating existing Flex solutions away from the Flash player? The fact that the SDK will be handed over to an open source foundation offers a way of achieving this: compile Flex solutions to targets other than the Flash player. One way of doing this would be to take the mxmlc compiler code (which is part of the Flex SDK and thus maybe open for community modification too) and add a new backend to it that outputs JavaScript for example. A more exciting possibility though is haXe. Since its launch in 2006, AS3 has changed very little and so has become a somewhat outdated and stagnant language. As Adobe have shown no interest in evolving the language, Nicolas Cannasse developed a replacement for it: haXe. haXe is a more up-to-date, powerful and all-round-better language than AS3. In addition, it can be compiled to the Flash player, JavaScript, the command line and versions to output to Java, C# and iOS are being worked on. However haXe does have one weakness: the only interoperability between it and AS3 lies with the Flash player target, by using SWCs.

So I’m proposing “Project FlaXe” to address that and to turn haXe into a first-class Flex programming language.

Check out his blogpost…

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