Brackets…. recent-projects… another useful extension

When (or if) you start using Brackets now, you see that its still very early stuff.

This is deliberate and with full intend of the team behind it, in order to truly make it a community driven effort and to ensure that the project stays aligned with its commission: developed for developers by developers.

This also means that its far from the IDE you may be used to still has a long way to go before its a fully fletched code editor at the level we are used to from other tools…

Anyways, one of things you will start missing is the management of Projects, now luckily Narciso Jarmilo (member of the Brackets team and employee at Adobe), has implemented a simple way of maintaining a list of the most recent projects.

Not only does it provide you with a shortcut to the most recent projects you have been working on, but it also illustrates how simple it is to add functionality that you find necessary.


Having a rich extensibility model has proven over and over again to be more critical to the viability of a tool than having it being springloaded with code-editor-killer features out of the box… and Brackets has done exactly that.

If there is something you see missing, you can easily build it yourself and share it back into the community… thats the groove of Brackets and that’s actually pretty cool…

A 3rd thing Narciso’s extension does, is to illustrate how its possible to integrate your extension with the ProjectManager… now this was what actually brought me to his extension in the first place, because I will now start building my own extension using the notion of projects…

Check out Narciso’s extension here…

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