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A Saturday Night Status in the World of Flex

Upon a week of drama across the world of Flex, the past week proved to be business as usual… and thank heavens for that.

In case you have missed it, the Flex team at Adobe has amended their original statement regarding the future of Flex in the context of Adobe.

We are preparing two proposals for incubating Flex SDK and BlazeDS at the Apache Software Foundation.
In addition to contributing the core Flex SDK (including automation and advanced data visualization components), Adobe also plans to donate the following:

  • Complete, but yet-to-be-released, Spark components, including ViewStack, Accordion, DateField, DateChooser and an enhanced DataGrid.
  • BlazeDS, the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Flex applications.
  • Falcon, the next-generation MXML and ActionScript compiler that is currently under development (this will be contributed when complete in 2012)
  • Falcon JS, an experimental cross-compiler from MXML and ActionScript to HTML and JavaScript.
  • Flex testing tools, as used previously by Adobe, so as to ensure successful continued development of Flex with high quality

Adobe will also have a team of Flex SDK engineers contributing to those new Apache projects as their full-time responsibility. Adobe has in-development work already started, including additional Spark-based components.

You can read the entire post here:

Eventually, its a much more positive and inspirational variant of the post after the update compared to the original one, so thanks to Andrew and Deepa for taking the time to make the effort to apply the amendment.

In retrospect, I found the entire experience of having the bag shaken in which we have placed our faith to be motivational and a reminder to update my skillset. This last point is something we can all take away from this experience.

Upon talking with dozens of Flex developers over the past weeks, it became clear that some of us had forgotten to stay updated and expand our toolset, and regardless of what happens to Flex, this is an important reminder. A professional is only as good as his tools allow him to be and the quality of the output depends on both the skill of the professional as well as their ability to choose the right tool for the job.

We should use Flex when it makes sense and remember to stay tuned to what is going on in other areas or our industry for the moment when Flex may not be the optimal tool for the job.

Another reminder I have taken away from this experience is my old commitment to continuously contribute to at least one Open Source project at any given time… obviously I will be contributing to Flex once it hits the repositories… why don’t you join me ?

Arbitrary Thoughts

"Take it easy, boy boy…" – Leo Matthisen

Dear Unknown Flex Developer,

Please take a deep breath before making rash decisions… You are first of all not alone, and second there are many opportunities available.
Unless you like I am, expected to present immediate solutions to replace Flex, then I strongly recommend taking a deep breath and await for the dust to settle… So many yet to happen evolutions on this topic is still to manifest that every week you can “buy” will benefit your decision capabilities.
I adviced one of my principal clients today to stand off the turbulence for the time being and continue on the path of Flex at the promise of solutions to manifest that are more mature and well contemplated than any straw you may clingon at the moment…

Withold the media storm happening right now, wait for the rain to pass, the community trends to appear, and then see what will be the better recommendation for you and your clients… Thats my recommendation…


Arbitrary Thoughts

Brave new wwworld… day -1

Today is the last day of the old Flex and Flash era… its been a tremendously dramatic week due to the many far reaching announcements from Adobe.

It’s expected every year at the turn of the fiscal year, that announcements of lay offs are due and that organizational restructuring is due… however, this year was remarkable rough as Adobe really has been taking the organizational restructuring at heart and done it across the organization not leaving a single division untouched…

Tomorrow starts the new post-flash era where its back to the drawing board for many of us in terms of re-establishing the mature development track we were in with Flex, now based on web standards stack technologies…

We need the following in order to accomplish that to for the first couple of apps…

  1. IDE
  2. Micro Architecture Framework
  3. UI component set
  4. Data Service Tier
  5. Video and Audio Libraries
  6. Touch Libraries

…just to mention a few…

Its not going to be easy, however there is certainly something reinvigorating about this devastating situation… it may be a bit gloomy right now, but a lot of opportunities rest in the shadows…

We got on the Flex ship and enjoyed the ride, we learned a heck of a lot on the trip, now its time to re-saddle and make the best of the new brave flash- and flex-free wwworld…