Future of Web Apps 2008

Among the many conferences to hit the ground these days: FOWA in London is coming in on a low flying jet-plane.

If you have not yet checked it out… it’s definitely worth thinking about going there… but as always, you should consider that most value at conferences come from the unique networking opportunities, more than actual technical and information… but seeing it from this perspective, it’s probably going to be great…

However… check FOWA out…

If you are interested in signing up, post a note, and I will return you a discount code.


Artist vs. Craftsman (1)

I can identify three distinct events in my life that have forced me to reflect on the inherent conflict between abstract role-types.

  1. When I found out that legendary artist and/or craftsman Maurits Cornelis Escher (17 June 1898 – 27 March 1972), usually referred to as M. C. Escher… distinctly referred to himself as a craftsman, and NOT an artist… and eventually ended up resigning when people would refer to him as an artist.
  2. When I was in College, I as did most of my peers, flirted with Marxism and Socialism. This involved reading Marx and eventually accepting (and copying) his perception of the struggle between different roles in society. One that I always found fascinating about this was the conflict Marx pointed out as being part of the working class itself, and hence not as part of the more famous struggle between classes. Marx pointed out that within the working class there is a conflict between the intellectuals and the physical workers… but eventually his conclusion was that the more important struggle between the classes could not be won unless the intellectuals and physical laborers would join forces… to apply Marx’s famous dualism to this phenomena intrigued me to think about the inherent diversity between what I later came to know as “Artists and Craftsmen”.
  3. When I read “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly” by Anthony Bourdain… where he very strongly claims that he would never want an “artist” to work for him as a chef… and that he always ONLY would hire “craftsmen”… and on a completely irrelevant sidenote: states that among some of the strongest nations in providing Chef’s with strong craftsmen capabilities is Puerto Rico, the little known protectorate of the USA.

All these events came back to me today, when I could see that Morten Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler had touched down on this topic in their delightful and provocative (crazy) drawings with innocent look-and-feel…

Check it out…



ActionScript Naming Conventions (a pocket guide)

In the ACE communities we have been discussing the ActionScript naming confusion and have hence come up with the following “pocket guide” as of how to name the entities in Flash based systems.

SWF (adj.)

File format of a published FLA (Flash authoring) file. Note all capitals. Use SWF files, not just SWF or SWFs. Pronounced “swiff.” Say a SWF file, not an SWF file. SWF stands for Shockwave Flash, though some say it’s Small Web Format—however, that is not official and this should not be spelled out in documentation. See also FLA and filename extensions.


Capitalize as shown here. For version numbers, use 2.0 and 3.0, not just 2 or 3.

There must be a space before the 2.0 and 3.0: ActionScript 2.0.

Do not abbreviate ActionScript as AS.

Note: It is OK to leave ActionScript 1 in legacy documentation rather than changing to ActionScript 1.0; however, do not change ActionScript 1.0 to ActionScript 1 and in new material write it as ActionScript 1.0.


Do not use. Instead, say ActionScript coding.


Do not use the plural of ActionScript. Say just ActionScript or add a noun after it: ActionScript snippets, ActionScript code, and so on.

Filename extensions

Use a period followed by the two-, three-, or four-letter file suffix, in lowercase, when referring to the file information that an application adds when saving or exporting a document (for example .doc, .gif, .swf). OK to refer to this as just extension rather than filename extension, but doesn’t use file extension. When referring to the general file format, omit the period and use all caps for the file type (PSD, GIF, SWF, BMP). Reword to use lowercase and a period when the extension is not intuitive or doesn’t have a well-recognized capitalized alternative.


MyHome : Advertisional Murals (1)

While I was waiting for the system to compile a test-deployment for the fantasillionth time, I just thought I might just post one of the pictures of the large advertisements that are surrounding the “MyHome – Your Intelligent Home” system…

I can tell you… it’s a truly humbling experience to be part of a project of this size and magnitude…


Adobe Solution Partner Catalogue

The Adobe Solution Partner Catalogue presents over 100 solutions that are based on Adobe products.

It can be a source of inspiration and a place to see what is going on in the borderline between business, technology, experience design and users.

The Adobe Solution Partner Catalogue features a visual overview in the form of a solution browser… and off course its build with Adobe Flex.

It’s interesting for me since Hello recently became Adobe Solution Partner… but check it out…