Adobe Flex 3 with AIR ACE Exam… now available !

The long awaited Adobe Flex 3 with AIR Exam is now available…

At the time of writing, it’s still not available at our local test-center… so I guess we just have to wait until it’s our turn, here in the remote part of the world, also known as Scandinavia.

Anyways… while we are waiting for that to happen, we can always check out the Exam preparation guide…


Adobe Certified Architect : Flex Solutions

Looking forward from the Adobe Flex Developer certifications, we are going to need Architect Certifications for Adobe Flex solutions. How they should be structured can be discussed as they would need to encompass a server-technology… and this could be LiveCycle or Coldfusion as natural choices… or perhaps even WebORB seeing that the essence pretty much would be the same.


Adobe Certified Professional (ACP)

Today I became Adobe Certified Professional in Adobe Flex 2.

I have not been developing Adobe Flex 2 for about 1½ year, ever since I did the switch to Adobe Flex 3 already at the first publically available Beta.… and back during the 2.X days then it was only one actual project besides the fun stuff I would do just to play around.

So I guess the major question would be why anyone would want to become certified in Adobe Flex 2 at this point?

Well, seeing that I became accepted into the Adobe Community Expert program, I get free certifications… so my own answer to that question is: why not?

Besides the fact that it’s an interesting experience for me… seeing that it’s a new experience for me to become certified in anything but insanity 🙂 … it’s also beneficial for my company HelloGroup and me in communication with our company’s clients.