My technical blog

In case your interested in Adobe Flex, ActionScript .NET or other technological rampblings, why not pay my techie blog a visit… much more stuff happens ovethere…

you can find it on http://thecomcor.blogspot.com


This Blog has been discontinued

In order to separate concerns I have decided to divide this blog into separate blogs.
Please refer to the following blogs depending on your preference:

The Combined Corner has been renamed and will in the future be focused solely on the Flex technology.
I have due to popular demand created two additional blogs to handle different sorts of babbling which I am afraid will obscure the Flex’ness of The Combined Corner

Tips, Quotes and Jokes will be dealing with miscellaneous goodies that comes my way and that I want to share with people.

Workaholics United will be dealing with comments and stories about and relating to work and workplaces.