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A fun way to open a native window in AIR with MATE

Sometimes when coding it happens that you stumble on something which just strikes you as funny (sometimes for apparently no reason whatsoever).
One such experience happened today when I was coding an AIR client with MATE and I had to open a new NativeWindow.
It should be noted that I for this implementation am experimenting with ridding myself of using Managers (no other motivation than curiosity about will come out in terms of code design and architecture).

Well, the thing that amused me was to use a PropertySetter. This is due to the fact that you have to set the “visible” property in order to actually show the window. However, you also have to pass an object of the type “NativeWindowInitOptions” to the constructor.

The code eventually can be written like this…


	<s />







Adobe AIR Test Application for Adobe Wave Notifications

I have created a small AIR app which uses the ActionScript library for Adobe Wave.


You need an Adobe account and a feed to which you can send notifications (the simple explanation at this point is that it is what is addressed as a topic in the Adobe Wave universe).

You can install it from here…

The entire sourcecode is available here…


Hello… now riding the Adobe Wave

Adobe® Wave™ is an Adobe AIR application and Adobe hosted service that work together to enable desktop notifications. It helps publishers stay connected to your customers and lets users avoid the email clutter of dozens of newsletters and social network update messages.


Learn more about Adobe Wave here…

Hello has created a feed which allows followers to receive notifications about the latest buzz from inside and outside the company.


To introduce users to the Adobe Wave notifications, there is a customizable subscription badge for the feed. Clicking on this badge will initiate a two-click sign up flow and start for you receiving notifications (you will be prompted to install Adobe Wave or Adobe AIR if needed).

Click her to navigate to the Installation Badge…

ActionScript 3.0, Adobe Flex, Tools

FC / FB Workflow Optimizer… sources available

I have made the sources available for the Workflow Optimizer… its a crude implementation but it does the job.
It uses Flex, AIR, as3preferenceslib, as3corelib and the Mate Flex Framework.

Don’t hesitate to comment on the ideas or concepts.. but don’t comment the code: it’s not written with any other priority than functionality…

Check it out…


The Tesla Model S – Touch-Screen User Experience is Powered by Roundarch’s Merapi Project

These are truly exciting times for the Air and Flash platforms… soon we even have AIR applications running as user interfaces onboard vehicles…

Thanks to Merapi, the Tesla Model S show car offers users the ability to interact with vehicle hardware systems by engaging with the car’s cockpit control center, including a touch screen consisting of HD radio integration, quick GPS navigation, streaming audio and other Internet and cloud-based data and information.

Check it out in this crude YouTube video of a testride from Menlo Park…

…or read more about it here, it’s a truly interesting application of Adobe AIR and Merapi…



Underneath the cool and sexy name “SQLServiceAndSQLServiceInvoker”, there is a really useful implementation of an AIR Data Access Layer build on top of Mate Flex Framework…

It’s nothing less than excellent, I tried taking my PureMVC implementation of my personal TimeTracker and converting it into a Mate based one… 60% less code and much much more maintainable and elegant…

Mate rocks incredibly much… and kudos to Jens Krause, Websector for creating the extension to Mate so we can connect to AIR SQLLite Databases from within our Mate applications… its really cool stuff.

Check it out…