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Thunderbolt : A logger extension for ActionScript 2 and 3

ThunderBolt is a logger extension for ActionScript 2 and 3 as well as Flex 2 and 3 applications based on the Firebug add-on for Firefox.

It looks very promising, and knowing Jens Krause’s ordinary high level of ingenuity and as well as quality, I am willing to give it a shot.


* Detailed information (class, file, line number, time, frame)
* Log levels (info, warning, error, fatal)
* Interactive tree view for complex object structures
* Profiling (time spend during code execution)
* Collapsible grouped output
* Filter log by classes and packages
* Interactive console (inspect and modify object on runtime)
* Tree view for complex object structures such as class identifier and its properties
* Custom LogTarget based on Flex Logging API including filters
* memory snapshot
* stop logging flag
* SWC components for logging using Flex 2/3 or Flash CS3


Adobe OnAIR Tour Stockholm (1)

A day inside the “Munchen-bryggeriet” masshall when the weather was so good and Stocktown was at its finest, caused everyone to assume that the sessions would be as abandoned as the beach in Jaws succeeding the second attack of the killer-shark… however, it was not !
It was packed with designers, flash programmers and flex developers (and perhaps even an existing AIR developer) and off course reps. from Adobe.

The food was great, the “swag” was OK and enough so that everyone seemed to feel appreciated.
Lots of cool people with lots of great knowledge and ideas…

Stay posted for more on this topic…

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Adobe Event : January 25th in Copenhagen

The Adobe experts are throwing a presentation of their Web technologies and AIR.

Folks like…

– longtime Macromedia/Adobe web-tech evangelist Greg Rewis
– omnipresent CSS and accessibility expert Stephanie Sullivan
– video-rockstar Jason Levine
– top-of-the-lnie AIR guru Mike Downey

…will come and present this for the general masses.

I don’t expect this to be advanced in any way as its targetted towards the general public, but nevertheless it might be interesting for the more strategically inclined techies to attend as it will summarize the vision of the technologies down to one commutable serenade. A serenade I expect will be usable as part of a “sales pitch” both internally to management, other peer-departments as well as externally to customers considering a RIA solution.
I therefore also assume it could be beneficial for more non-technical personnel working with techies to attend, as I assume it will provide a not-too-technical overview of the technologies.

Check it out and signup here:
NB. Its free and signup has just opened as of the time of posting this.

This day or seminar follows a day for VIP’s only, where I suppose the plans for the future will unveiled… tell me, is there anybody out there who is not excited about the sharp turn Adobe has taken since the acquisition of Macromedia in regards to parter-relations 🙂